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Who is a good candidate for Emsculpt Neo?

With such exciting technology, you may be ready to schedule your Emsculpt Neo consult right away. It's important to know who is a good candidate for this body-contouring, muscle-building magic!

You are a good candidate if:

1. You are in good overall health. Candidates should not have underlying medical conditions. This includes active tumors and associated treatments for tumors. We recommend talking to your physician to determine if Emsculpt Neo is safe for you.

2. You are close to your ideal weight. Emsculpt Neo is not a weight loss treatment, but rather a body sculpting procedure. Ideal candidates should be close to their target weight and have stubborn areas of fat or muscle weakness that they want to address. This is great for targeting areas that seem more resistant to your workouts - hello abdominal flab and cellulite on the buttocks!

3. You're already committed to a healthy lifestyle. While Emsculpt Neo can help enhance muscle tone and reduce fat, maintaining long-term results requires a healthy diet and regular exercise. Good candidates are willing to continue a healthy lifestyle to maximize and sustain the benefits of the treatment.

4. Do you have realistic expectations? Candidates need to have realistic expectations about what Emsculpt Neo can achieve. While the treatment can improve muscle definition and fat reduction, individual results may vary. Don't expect to go from flab to fab right away. Your efforts with diet and exercise can also help maximize the benefits!

5. Are you looking for targeted muscle building and fat reduction? Emsculpt Neo is ideal for targeting specific areas for muscle building and fat reduction, such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and thighs. It can help sculpt and define muscles in a way that traditional exercise alone cannot always achieve.

6. Are you down with an injury or out for recovery? Many people worry about losing muscle while down with an injury. Emsculpt Neo sessions are the perfect way to keep your muscles strong without doing a workout that may make your injury worse. Knees can't handle doing the squats? Emsculpt those quads instead!

7. Have you given birth recently? Many moms are short on time (and sleep) and bypass the gym. Emsculpt Neo is only 30 minute session, but contracts your muscles 20,000 times! Can you do 20,000 situps in 30 minutes at home? Unless you're the newest Marvel superhero, we're guessing not.

8. Do you have diastasis recti? During pregnancy, your muscles split from the middle, stretching that six-pack. However, 60% of women continue having this issue even after the pregnancy is over. Emsculpt Neo is the non-invasive fix to diastasis recti!

9. Do you already have a toned body? If you're looking to take your muscle definition to the next level, Emsculpt Neo is your solution. Because the paddles are placed in specific areas, you'll achieve better definition in targeted areas of the body.

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